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All About Carol Cox

Welcome To My Life!
(or in other words, everything you don't really want to know)

Welcome to the longest running, most complete, adult hard-core sex site on the Internet! My site has been offering my personal brand of explicit XXX imagery and fun since the Spring of 1994, and I'm still going strong. This is more than just a sex site - it's an actual community of like-minded individuals that share my love of sex in all forms.

Who am I?? Well, my name is Carol and I'm an exhibitionist and a no-limits bisexual Swinger from Canada, in a little place called Montréal. I really do love to play and to show off. I'm not a model or anything like that, and I don't think I'm anything special, I'm just a wife and mother who likes to have fun. I'm not one of those women who calls herself "Hot" or "Sexy" as that is something only others can say, and I just think I'm fairly average anyway.

Please be warned.....these pages are very, very explicit. I don't believe in doing things half way, and I feel no shame in showing you pictures such as this! I personally see no difference between nudity and sex, so why not go all the way!

These pages are serving a couple of purposes for me. One, as I said, I get off on showing myself to others. Some may say this is a sickness, others understand it as a harmless outlet for my enjoyment. Two, I wish to use these pages to promote my belief in sex and alternative lifestyles and to help bring an understanding of myself to others. Please read through my pages, and enjoy the pictures and stories of me and my friends. We all give you permission to fantasize about us if you so wish ::GRIN:: (No, I'm not that vain)

So, You really want to know more about me! Well, OK.....

I now live in Montréal, Quebec, Canada. Montréal is a wonderful city with many diverse cultures. The city is quite cosmopolitan and has a very European feel about it. You must come and visit. Everyone is quite open-minded and accepting here, so we get away with all sorts of little perversions :)

I'll try and describe myself for you. As you can see from the picture, I'm a natural, blue-eyed blond. What you may not see from the picture is that I'm quite petite, 4'11" and 95 lbs.. My measurements (for those of you who just have to know) are 34B-23-34. I work out a number of times a week as I do like to stay in the best shape that I can. I am happily married (sorry guys!) and have 3 great children. We started our family when we were quite young but have never regretted it. We do a lot together as a family and really enjoy our lives.

I try to stay fairly busy. Since beginning my site 18 years ago (yes, I started in 1994), I've become very involved in the Internet. I do a great deal in helping other girls start and run there sites, and I love helping them to help themselves. I now write movie scripts and stories for myself and others, plan neat little video and photo shoots, and plan what I think are cool events for everyone to enjoy.


I also still take care of my family...and that is a full-time job in itself. The good news is, our two older kids can stay home unsupervised, and they can also watch the young one. This gives us the opportunity to get out of the house more and have some fun! On weekends, we like to go out and party with our friends, and this being Montreal with its great nightlife, usually stay out until 3 or 4 in the morning. We also go to a few of the "couple only" clubs around and have our own special fun.

My passion in life is SEX! I love it, and sometimes just can't get enough. I don't know why, but I think I'm addicted to it. I do have my beliefs and morals attached to it though. I will not have sex with an attached person (male or female) without their partners knowledge and approval. I believe in openness, honesty and respect in a relationship and never approve of someone cheating on their partner. That is what is great about couples involved in "alternative lifestyles", they show so much respect to each other and their friends that you can't help but like and appreciate them.

I love almost everything about sex; the touch, the sight, the smell, the taste. It is so emotionally involving you forget all about everything else and focus only on your pleasure. People must learn to treat sex as a gift, cherish it and have fun with it, it is one of the few free pleasures left in life!

I have experimented with most aspects of sex. My only exceptions are animals, children, forced sex (other than role playing) and anything to do with feces (yucch). Just about everything else is fine. I tend to be sexually submissive and enjoy mild pain so I'm involved in BDSM. I belong to a small, but enthusiastic group here in Montreal. They are a great bunch of people who really know how to play. I love slow, drawn out sex, sex that takes hours. I believe in using the entire body and not focus only on the common areas. This way I can give and receive oral pleasures (something I love) and tease my partner.

I am also truly bisexual. I equally enjoy sex with both men and women, and have no real preference. I love the taste of both men and women, so different, yet so satisfying. The feel of a man cumming in my mouth, the taste and smell of the warm semen, is almost indescribable. I like to keep it in my mouth and swirl it around with my tongue before I swallow (God, I can taste it now!). I really love it when a man can cum a lot and has that very thick, creamy consistency to his semen. It is fantastic, especially when there is so much that it dribbles out of my mouth and down my chin. I never waste it though, I use my fingers to scoop it up. Once, I had a man who came in a shot glass, and almost filled it! It was unbelievable. I drank it out of the glass, it got him so excited he never lost his erection.

Women are different. The taste and smell is wonderful, I find I can lick and nibble a woman for hours. I love it when a woman can "squirt"! I have only been with 2 women who had this talent, and I'd love to find more. The feeling of the warm spray hitting your face and mouth, the taste, incredible! I only wish I could do it too.

Anal sex is something I got into a number of years ago. I started slow, fingers, small dildos, and then worked my way up! I can now easily take almost any man without trouble or discomfort. All I feel is the pleasure. The only thing is, if a man wants to penetrate my anus, he must work for it. I hate lubricants, and never use them. A man must first use his tongue to wet me and loosen me up. He next inserts a finger, then 2. He must then put his fingers in my mouth so I can taste myself too. Once I'm ready, I will give him head and get him very wet, and then let him slowly penetrate me. God, it's fantastic! I like to sit on him so I can get it all the way in and control the rhythm. I sometimes get my vibrator and insert it in my pussy, but I've found that this is too much for most men, and they will come almost immediately.

The extension to anal sex was full double penetration. I decided to try it one day with my husband and a friend, and was surprised how easy it was. No pain, no discomfort, just pure pleasure. I fell in love with it right there and then, and now try to get some every chance I get. The feel of 2 men sliding in and out can't be described. A note to you women, try it please, you will love it. Work into it slowly though. Don't forget, I'm very small and I can easily take two large men!

Sometimes, when I'm alone, and my husband is out of town, I bring out my toys. I do have quite a selection. I will get my vibrator, suck it slowly to get it all wet, and work it into my pussy. I play that way for a while and then move it into my ass. I will get another dildo, wet it, and put it in my pussy. I work them both together and end up having many, many orgasms. It is different when you're alone, but at times, I prefer it. I can be selfish and concentrate only on me!

I also enjoy group sex. It is very different from sex as a couple as now you can go crazy and have fun without giving your all to one person. I don't find it as sensual as one-on-one sex, but it is very enjoyable in it's own way. A lot of groping and grabbing, dicks sliding in from nowhere, pussies appearing in your face like magic, yes I do love it. We try to get 4 or 5 couples together for an evening and just party. No one is serious and we take it very lightly. It's fun.

I enjoy exhibitionism and voyeurism. I like watching, and being watched. I never wear panties when we go out (you're welcome to check!), and I like to fool around in public. It's fun to "accidentally" flash people, it's interesting seeing their reaction. I've been caught a few times, but I guess this is what makes it really exciting! Sometimes, a large group of us will go out, and we'll tease the people in the club or bar we're at. It's great!

I have gotten very excited and wet writing this, so I had better go now. I seem to have something that needs taking care of and I think I hear my toys calling....

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