FAQ - How Did You Get Started With Anal Sex? Can I Do Your Ass??

If we are at the point where we are going to fuck, you are more than allowed to fuck my ass! But, you do have to get it ready first. I don't really like lube, so you have to use your tongue to get me wet and use a finger or to to get me ready. And if you bring a friend along, we can also enjoy a nice double-penetration (my favourite sexual thing)

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I first started experimenting with anal sex about 20 years ago. My husband really enjoys women's bums (he's fixated on them!), and would always kiss, lick and fondle mine. He used to get his tongue right up inside me and it felt great. One day he slipped a finger in me after he got me all wet. I tightened right up; it felt quite strange. He asked me if it hurt and I said no and told him to leave it in. It was a strange but interesting sensation, not uncomfortable in the least. He slid his finger in and out for a few minutes, and I slowly relaxed and loosened up.

We went on like this for a few months, getting to the point where he could slip three fingers inside me. By this time I was looking forward to the feeling of anal penetration, and would get wet with anticipation. One night we were playing with my vibrator. I was holding it inside me while my husband tongued my bum. He reached up and pulled it out of my pussy and positioned it at the entrance of my bum and looked at me. I didn't say a word, but lifted my hips to give him easier access. He got the hint and slowly slid it in me. It was a bit tight and I did find it slightly uncomfortable, so he pulled it out and we went on with our play.

The next day we stopped in at a local sex shop and picked up some lubricant and a smaller dildo. We both wanted the same thing. That night we put our new purchases to use. My husband used his tongue and finger to get me wet and relaxed. He then put some lubricant on his finger and worked it inside me. It did help as there was almost no sense of penetration or friction (one reason I refuse to use lubricants now!). He rubbed lubricant over the dildo, placed it against my bum, and pushed it in. It slid right in with no resistance and felt wonderful! I grabbed hold of it and slid it in and out of myself for over half an hour.

The next night we started to do the same thing, but this time I told him not to use the lubricant. I didn't like the feel of it inside me and I wanted to really feel the dildo in me; the lubricant takes away from that feeling. He got me wet with his tongue and slid the dildo in and it felt so much better this time. Again I did myself for a long time while my husband licked and fingered my pussy. He said he could feel the dildo with his fingers!

This went on for a few weeks during which we moved up to my larger vibrator. I could take that easily and noted that it was only slightly smaller than him. I knew that ultimately he wanted to penetrate my bum, and one night I begged him for it. I had the vibrator in my bum, and I pulled it out. I told him "Fuck my ass, now!", he couldn't believe it. He positioned himself behind me and entered me doggy-style. I was a bit tense, so it hurt slightly on entry, but the slight pain quickly turned to extreme pleasure. For him too, because he came in about 15 seconds. He was just so horny he couldn't hold it! He got all embarrassed and started apologizing. I started laughing because he looked so funny. I told him I understood and couldn't blame him. I cum remarkably fast when I'm having anal sex too!

We continued with our anal sessions, and to this day, have anal sex 2-3 times a week. It's something we both love. I love it when he's in my bum, and about to cum, that he pulls out and lets me suck him and clean him off. He cums in my mouth and I get rewarded with the taste of my pussy, my ass and his cum. There is nothing better. When I do that with other people around it drives them crazy, they love it! So anal sex is fully a part of my sex life and is something I'll continue doing as long as I'm able.