FAQ - Do You Really Like Double-Penetration??

Do I like double penetration? Yes, in fact it is my most favourite sexual activity!

We started with double penetration about 9 years ago. After we got into anal sex, I started using a vibrator in my pussy while my husband was in my bum. It was the most wonderful feeling. One night my husband asked me about double penetration while we were watching an adult movie showing some DP action. I told him it would be interesting to try, and that I wanted to do it. We knew lots of couples at this time, but my husband felt it would work better just as a threesome so no one would feel left out. We invited over a single friend of ours who we played with from time to time. We explained what we wanted to do, and this guy's pants almost tore from the instant erection he got.

My husband wanted to be the first one in my "backdoor" when we tried this, so our friend agreed to be in my pussy. We all got naked and fooled around a little bit with some oral sex. I made sure they were both good and wet with my spit, and they both made sure I was wet enough to take them. Our friend sat on the couch and I kneeled over him. I slid my pussy over his dick and rode him for a few minutes, I needed to cum before I started. My husband got on his knees behind us and licked my bum to get me nice and wet. He inserted a finger, and then two. He worked them around and our friend commented on how he could feel them! My husband also said he could feel our friends dick through my pussy wall.

My husband got behind me and placed his dick against me. I reached around and guided him into my ass. He pushed into me so that his entire dick was buried in my ass. At the same time I sat hard on my friend's dick, taking his entire 7" inside me. We stayed that way for almost a minute....it was incredible! I started moving and soon we had a perfect rhythm going, I was in ecstasy It was the most wonderful sexual feeling I've ever had, I wanted it to go on forever. My husband was close to cumming so he pulled out of my ass. I pulled him up on the couch so his dick was near my face, and only a foot away from our friend's face. I started licking and sucking him which was too much for our friend! He pushed me off as he was about to cum too!

We rested for a few minutes and the boys decided to trade places. This time my husband sat on the couch, and our friend got behind me. I sat on my husband and then felt our friend enter me. He had never been in a woman's ass before and he fell in love with it instantly. He started telling me he was going to start a new religion that will worship only my ass and he planned to be Pope (He liked to joke while having sex!). We changed positions so that this time I was sitting on our friend's dick with it up my ass while my husband fucked my pussy. It was another great position. We went on this way for almost 10 minutes.

I knew the guys wanted to cum so first I had them both take turns fucking just my ass, about 20 seconds each. They each took about 5 or 6 turns when my husband said he couldn't take it anymore. I knew it was time so I sat on the couch and had them both stand in front of me. I licked and sucked them both, tasting my ass on them, cleaning them completely. They both came one after another, both filling my mouth with their wonderful cum. I swallowed it all, and believe me, there was a lot!

Since that first time, I have enjoyed a lot of DP. I will do it every chance I get...