FAQ - First off....why join your site??

That is actually a very good question, and one of the more intelligent ones I get. Why should someone join or pick my website over the hundreds of thousands that are currently available? Why my site over the thousands of other Amateur sites? I'll try to answer.

Well, first thing...some history. My site was the very first Amateur website on the Internet, and is now the oldest existing Adult website on the Internet. I have been around longer than anyone else, and it has been continuous. I started the website in early 1994 as a way to meet other people and have some fun. It worked! Many of my best friends are people that I have met through my site, people that remain close friends to this day. When I started, there was no way to make any money on the Internet, and that was never the reason we started. I believe that is also what helped make me so successful in the long run. I really did this to play and show off, to give my exhibitionism a home, and to meet people to fuck! (to be very honest and blunt)

I would say that 95% of the Amateur sites that are currently available started for one reason, and one reason only...to make money! Now, I'm not saying there is a problem with that; I probably make more than most of them put together! But I don't think it should be the driving force behind a personal website. I believe you actually should want to do this without thought of profit or gain. You need to do it because of your love of exhibitionism, of alternative lifestyles, because you really want to do it. Those sites are always the best ones. The 95% that are in it for money, they lack the truth, feeling and personality that should be there.

Most of the other Amateur sites you'll see on the Internet offer very little. That is where my site really stands out. I update every day! And have been updating almost every day for the last 15 years! I have the largest self-produced content website on the Internet. What you see is what I, and my people, shoot and produce. The only content we buy is content that we aren't able to produce, or content we get requests for. But I never pretend that it's mine or that it's exclusive.

I have also never proclaimed myself to be the "hottest", the "sexiest", or any other silly adjectives. Whenever I see that on an Amateur's website, it immediately turns me off. It's not up to me, or anyone, to decide who is the hottest. That's up to the individual surfer and his likes and tastes. Yes, I may be the hottest to someone (I don't know why), but then again a 300lb. BBW can easily be the hottest to someone else.

But to get back to the question, "why join my site?". First off, it really depends on what you are searching for. If you're looking for a fun site, one that has a sense of community, one that really does try and take care of its members, then this is the one. If you enjoy (like I do) seeing real sex with real people, not Porn Video sex, but real sex, that's what I have. To me and my members, sex is supposed to be light and fun, you giggle and laugh during sex, it's supposed to be time of pleasure and enjoyment, and that's how I show it. Many of my members have used my site as a gateway to meet other like-minded people. Many friendships have been formed on these pages, and many sexual encounters have been achieved through these pages. As I said, it's more than just a website, it's a community.

Of course, I also have the largest library of pictures and video of me with real people on the 'net! I also have thousands of pictures of hundreds of other people in the Montreal area who have had sex with me, or with others, for me. Whatever goes on the website is always of the highest quality, and very real.

In the end, it comes down to what you are looking for. I've always felt that people want more than just pictures or videos of just sex, which is why we do a lot of "Short Stories" and the like. I have the sex, but I do it in a fun and entertaining way. People want involvement, they want to be part of a community, and that's what I try to deliver.