FAQ - I Want To Fuck You, Can I??

The answer to this is ... maybe!

I get a lot of these requests, and I'm never sure if these guys are serious or not. I'm always willing to meet new people but with one condition, my husband is with me. I will never meet anyone alone, nor have sex with anyone without my husband around. The exception to that is when I get to know someone well. Once you're my friend, we can have fun and do what we want, when we want :)

There are really only two ways you can fuck me. One is to come out one Friday evening and Meet Me and hang-out. If we hit it off and like one another, then you can certainly fuck me and do whatever you like with me and to me. My only prerequisite for a casual Fuck Buddy is that we like one another.

The other way, is to come out and take part in one of my Fan FuXXX shoots. These are fun shoots I do with fans at my place, and you don't even have to show your face. we can do anything from a blow-job to full on fucking and anal! Even light watersports if that is your thing.

I am open to just about everyone, including single men and women, couples, and even groups of people. It's all fun and I do love it all. So you can even bring along your friends when you come out to meet me, I may even fuck you all!

BTW, If we do get together, we can do just about anything you like. I will suck you cock and you can CUM in my mouth and have me swallow, or CUM on my face, or anywhere else. You can fuck my pussy, and also fuck my ass if you want. If you bring a friend along, we can all enjoy a double-penetration. Have even more friends? We can have a Gang-Bang or a Bukkake! You can use toys or other items on me, you can tie me up, you can blindfold me. You can pee on me, or have me pee on you. If you like, I can play with your ass or fuck you with a strap-on. Looking for a guy to suck your cock, or to fuck in the ass? I can set that up too. Basically, if you have a fantasy or fetish, I can probably fulfil it for you.

In other words, I can and will do just about anything you want to do or try :)