FAQ - Are You Really As Wild As You Seem??

Actually, I don't think I'm wild at all. I have never smoked, or done any sort of drug, and I am a very light social drinker. I really don't go out that much, and I'm actually a bit shy when I first meet new people (don't be surprised). I'm also a wife and mother, and that is where my priority lies. But, I am extremely sexual, and love sex in all forms. Unlike most people you meet on-line who live their fantasies only on-line, I live mine for real. That is probably the main reason I don't get tied up in "Hot Chat" or "Cyber Sex", I not only find it a bit boring but also frustrating. I don't believe in just talking about it, I believe in doing it! Why talk about what you would like to do with a person when you can easily just meet up and realize it??!!

Even sexually I'm not that wild as I am more of a sexual submissive and like to be used and told what to do. I like people that are assertive during sex, but not abusive, and who never ask but just take what they want. (BTW, don't call me slut, whore, bitch, or anything else that seems much too common these days, I don't like it! I also don't like things like baby, honey, sugar, etc. My name is Carol ) I am into most things when it comes to sex, from oral to anal to light watersports. I love Gang-Bangs and Group Sex, and I love doing sneaky and quickie blow-jobs in semi-public places. The type where we stay fully dressed and the guy pulls his cock out of his pants and I suck it until he CUMs in my mouth.