FAQ - Can I Get With You And Your Girlfriends??

That is really an impossible question to answer as I can't speak for any of my girlfriends. A number of guys who have come out to party with us on a Friday or Saturday evening have been lucky enough to have had a few of my girlfriends at once, but I just never know if and when that may happen. It's really up to them if they want to do you.

For shoots, I really don't have any women to shoot with anymore. All the ones you see with me on my website have since "retired" and don't play in front of the camera anymore. Most are still swingers, but just not for video or pictures.

The new crop of girls you see on-line from Montreal are more interested in trying to look sexy and lead you on than to actually play. They are really into all this for the money only, and not the fun, so it's almost impossible to get them to do a thing. I guess it's just a new generation that doesn't really care about the enjoyment of all this. So, I am sorry, but I can't set up any other women for shoots anymore. When I can, I will let everyone know.