FAQ - How Many Men Have You Fucked??

I got this question on a number of occasions and I will try to answer it to the best of my recollection.

Before my "swinging" days, I had had sex with only one person, my husband. And that was on my eighteenth birthday! That got me hooked on sex, and we started "swinging" soon afterwards.

During my swinging years, before the website, I think I had sex with close to 100 different men. In those days, we didn't worry about STI's and the like, so we never used condoms. Guys would just CUM in my pussy, my ass, or my mouth. That all changed back in 1997 when I went with condoms for any penetration, although I still swallow ;)

Since starting the website, I have had sex with over 600 different men; about 300 of which can be found in pictures within my website. The other 300 were just "Fun Fucks" with guys that came to parties or events, or joined me on Fridays at a local bar, and I just decided to do off to the side. I also do Gang-Bangs every month, just for fun and not for the website, where I have anywhere from 4 to 10 guys and just me. These are "Anything-Goes" Gang-Bangs, and the guys can do anything they want to me and with me. I've had over 100 different guys take part in these over the years.

Since beginning my website, I estimate that I have fucked over 1200 times, just for the site, and another 600 times, just for fun! Thinking now, I've probably been fucked in the ass close to 500 times, enjoyed about 50 double-penetrations, and had over 2000 facials!

The most men at one time that I've fucked was 37 in 3 hours! That was during my last "Carol Cox Group-Grope & Gang-Bang Fantasy-Fuck-Fest".

If I add it all together, I've been with well over 700 different men, and have fucked over 3000 times (this doesn't include my husband). WOW!! It even seems like a lot to me!

Women?? I've been with close to 200 different women in my life too!

So remember, you too can fuck me if you like. Click here to find out how.