FAQ - How Did You Get Started In Swinging??

I got started in the swinging lifestyle over 20 years ago. Even though my husband and I had "pillow talked" about our fantasies for quite a while, what happened was quite unexpected.

I had a neighbour, a woman, who became a very good friend. She would come over for coffee on a daily basis, and we would talk about everything and anything. It didn't take long for the conversations to turn to sex. We would joke around and discuss our little fantasies about who we would like to have sex with and what we would do with them. At first, the talk was always about men, and then one day, my neighbour confided her interest in women. I was quite surprised and told her I have been having the same fantasies. From that point on, our conversations changed, and our focus became which women we would bed!

During these times, my husband was working a night shift, and would be home sleeping during the day. At times, he would get up, and come downstairs wearing only his robe, to get his "morning" coffee. He began to overhear the thrust of the conversations, and it excited him. At night, he would ask me to retell the conversations during our love making. We discussed the prospect of a threesome with our neighbour, a topic that would always heighten my excitement, and came up with a plan.

My husband began joining us daily for our "talks". He would joke about our fantasies, but at the same time encourage them. He would sometimes "flash" our neighbour and she would make jokes about his size. There was an ongoing bantering going on, but the sexual sparks were noticeable. One day, he came downstairs wearing his robe, but this time there was something different. He had a huge erection that was pushing out the front of his robe. We stared in disbelief as he was grinning from ear to ear. He walked up to our neighbour, took her hand, placed in under his robe, and had her grab his erection. He asked her if it was now big enough for her. She held it for a few seconds, and just prior to letting go, told him that it was the perfect size for her. We all laughed and the incident was passed over for the day.

This type of thing went on a few more times, until one day my neighbour threw open his robe so that he was fully exposed, and grabbed hold. This time she wouldn't let go. She rubbed it slowly and softly for almost 15 minutes, the whole time talking normally with me. My husband almost exploded, he had to pull away. He came to me and asked (begged, pleaded) to be taken care of. I looked at my neighbour and she told me to go ahead - she had never seen anyone "taken care of" live and in person before. I took my husband in my mouth and he came in about 10 seconds! It was quite a load, I wasn't expecting that much. I had a stream dribble out of my mouth and down my chin. I managed to swallow the rest - I love the taste of cum.

When we started, my neighbour had pulled her chair over right next to mine to watch, her face was only about a foot from mine as I did this. After he came, my husband pulled out of my mouth and sat down, but I still had that line of cum on my chin. My neighbour was staring at my mouth. She reached over and swirled the cum on my chin with her finger. What she did next both shocked and excited me. She pulled her finger away and it had a large drop of cum on the end. She brought the finger to her face, and smelled it deeply. She had this faraway look about her. She then placed the finger in her own mouth and sucked off the cum. She closed her eyes and didn't say a thing for almost a minute. I could see she hadn't swallowed, but had keep that little bit of cum in her mouth, which she seemed to be swirling around.

She finally swallowed, opened her eyes, blushed and apologized. I told her it was fine, that it had really excited me. She explained that she loved the taste of cum, but had only tasted her husband before as she had never been with another man. She was curious to see if my husband tasted different and just did it! She had to leave then, so my husband and I went upstairs and had great sex.

The next day she was back for her coffee, and we discussed the previous day. She had apologized again and I had told her not to worry, she could do that anytime. Like clockwork, my husband came in the kitchen, wearing only his robe, and again he had a respectable erection. He walked up to my neighbour again, and again she grabbed hold of his dick. This time, while she was rubbing, she leaned over and softly blew on the end of his dick. He moaned and she looked at me. I knew what she wanted so all I did was nod my head. She took him in her mouth and gave him, what he described later, one of the best blow jobs he has ever had. I could tell he was about to cum and he tried to pull out of her mouth. She grabbed hold quite tightly and glanced at me. Again I nodded, and about 5 seconds later, he came. She swallowed it all except for a small bit she had allowed to drip down to her chin. I knew what she wanted, but instead of my finger, I used my tongue to lick her chin clean. Our little party ended there with jokes about my husband's staying power.

A week later, while my husband was sleeping, my neighbour and I talked about going upstairs and shocking my husband. He always sleeps in the nude, and this being summer, I knew he would not be covered. We went into the room, and I removed my clothes. The plan was I would sit on his face the same instant she took him in her mouth. I carefully got into position and as I sat down on his face, I said "Go". She took him fully in her mouth and he almost sat up, except he couldn't because my pussy was holding him down. It only took him a second to realize what was going on and he was wide awake in no time.

My neighbour was still giving him head, so I moved down to help her out. We both licked and sucked him, it was fantastic. Every so often our lips would brush together and we would kiss lightly. Finally, our lips came together and we started kissing passionately. My husband watched, and then started complaining. We had forgotten all about him! He finally gave up, left the room, and went down to the kitchen to get his coffee.

My neighbour and I went on for a full 2 hours. This was the first time I had ever tasted a woman, or had a woman taste me. I fell in love with it immediately. I came so many times, as did she, that the sheets on my bed were damp with cum. When we finished, we realized then that we had forgotten all about my husband. We decided not to have him upset at us so we went downstairs naked to find him still drinking coffee and reading the paper. We grabbed him and pulled him in the livingroom and threw him on the couch. He was fighting us off as hard as he could.....NOT!

We gave him head again and then I sat on him and slowly fucked him. My neighbour got down and licked us both, it was the most fantastic feeling! I asked my neighbour if she wanted to fuck my husband, she readily agreed. Again, she had only been with one man (as had I at this time) and was curious as to how another man would feel. Now, my husband is larger than average, and she had noted that her husband was smaller then average, so she was really interested in the feeling. She sat on him, and rode him hard. This time it was my job to lick them both. She came constantly and I kept licking it all up. My husband was about to cum, so he stopped her and pulled out.

He fucked me doggy-style then, with our neighbour laying on the floor under us in a 69 position with me. I licked her pussy while she licked the both of us. It was too much for my husband, and he came hard. After he came, our neighbour pushed him out of me at the same time as she placed her whole mouth around my pussy. Our combined cum juices flowed into her mouth. She swallowed some but saved some as a surprise for me. I got off her and she moved around to kiss me, and when she did, she spit a mouthful of cum into my mouth. We swirled it around with our tongues for over a minute before we each swallowed.

These encounters went on almost daily for over 2 years. We could never get enough. It was during this time when my husband asked me if I would like to fuck another guy. I said yes, I would love too! I only have had sex with my husband at this point (not including our neighbour) and was ready to try another man. We decided to try a local couples club that we saw advertised in the newspaper.

At the club we met some wonderful couples. We went a few times before we actually took someone home with us. I finally got my chance to have another man, and I loved it. We decided then and there that the lifestyle was for us.

Since then, we have met many fantastic couples from all over the world (and a few great singles too!). We have never regretted our lifestyle choice, and encourage it for everyone with a truly honest and open relationship.