FAQ - How Can I Take Part In Your Gang-Bangs And Bukkakes??

I do Gang-Bangs about once a month or so. I usually have from 4 to 8 guys there, and we handle it in different ways. Some Gang-Bangs are set up by my husband where he gets a bunch of strangers that I have never met together to do what they want to me. I will have dressed the way they want me to, and from the second we meet, I have to do whatever they tell me to do. They can do anything to me and with me, and I cannot say no. They aren't allowed to ask for any permission, but to just do it. It really is "Anything Goes". If you are interested in taking part in one of those, contact my husband at danny@wrp.net and let him know.

I also have simple Gang-Bangs with friends. These are usually spur of the moment things and are rarely planned. Just me and a bunch of male friends getting together for fun.

I also set up my own Gang-Bangs with people I meet on-line. Everyone is invited to apply for a Gang-Bang, and even the ones I set up are anything-goes. You can do anything you want with me. The only "rule" for my Gang-Bangs are that condoms must be worn for penetration, but you can CUM where you like. Give me a facial, or make me swallow, it's all up to you, and as many times as you can! You can fuck my pussy, fuck my ass, or give me a double or triple penetration. You can just pass me around and do me one at a time, or do me in a big group, whatever you want. You can blindfold me, tie me up, spank me, use things on me, even pee on me (just not in the face or hair as it ruins my makeup!). During a Gang-Bang I am yours to be used as you wish. There is never any sort of charge for this, and we even supply the beer and snacks!

I also do Blow-Bang Bukkakes where I will suck your cock, before and after you CUM, and where you CUM all over my face. I do film these, but in a way that never shows your face.

If you'd like to take part in one of my filmed Gang-Bangs or Bukkakes, just visit my Fan FuXXX page.