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Obviously, I am Carol! I am a married mother of three and a very long time Swinger. I have been with my husband since I was 17, and started playing with other people since I turned 18, so it has been a while. I'm originally from Edmonton, Alberta, but after marrying my husband, have lived all over Canada and in a couple of places in the US. I did live in Montreal for many years until recently moving to the country in Eastern Ontario.

I started my website way back at the beginning of the World Wide Web in the Spring of 1994, and am credited with having the very first personality based Adult website ever on the Internet. Yes, I was the first, and the funny thing is the "template" I used on that very first site is still used by everyone to this day. At least I have done something of note! The original website was started just for fun with very little thought or planning going into it. I was playing around on Adult BBSes before the Internet, and used to upload pictures to them and to the Newsgroups, and the website was just an extension of that. Keep in mind that very few people were even on-line in those days, so I never thought I would be "found". But found I was, and my website became hugely popular. History was being made ;)

As the website grew, and I became more popular, I started doing live webcam shows. This was before video so what people saw while they chatted with me were still pictures that changed every five seconds. Very slow, but that's all you could do back then. But doing that gave me the idea of inviting the guys watching to join me on webcam, and my Casting Couch (AKA Fan FuXXX) was born! I would get guys over and fuck them live on camera while everyone watched, and I just loved it. Almost twenty years later, and I am still fucking my fans, and have been with close to 1400 of them over the years! If you add that to my Swinging and Playing, I have had well over 2000 different cocks inside of me, and love almost every one.

I should also mention that I am fully Bisexual, and have been since I was with my first woman at nineteen years old. I enjoy women as much as men, and have been with plenty of female fans too. One of my guilty pleasures are Gang-Bangs! I had my very first one with four men on my 19th birthday, and have never stopped! The largest I have done was just me with 28 men. I have had bigger Orgies or Sex Parties where other women were there to help out with all the men. many of those videos are available in my site. I love anal sex and absolutely enjoy Double-Penetration, that by far is my favourite sex act. I'm also into some Fetishes and really enjoy Watersports or Pee Play. Yes, I like to get pissed on, and to also pee on others. We all have that slightly weird thing we like ;)

I still greatly enjoy everything I do, and I am always on the lookout for new people to come and play with me. My thing is helping people realize their sexual fantasies, so if you have something you always wanted to try, I just may be your girl.

People ask what they can expect if they join my website, well, of course there is a lot of me doing what I do best...having sex in every way possible! I don't do any of that solo posing stuff as I really need action or I'm not into it, so don't expect glamour pictures of me posing in my latest sexy wear. That just isn't me. Truthfully, I feel ridiculous when I am supposed to pose for pictures! I'll leave that for other women to do. All you will see of me is pictures and videos of hard, hot sex, with men, women, couples, and even groups! I have my Fan FuXXX, where I fuck my fans on video. My Fellatio Friday series where I suck some nice fan cocks until they CUM in my mouth and all over my face. My "Short Stories" where I have fun spoofing movies and TV shows. My Gang-Bang, Bukkakes, and Glory Hole videos. And of course, my fun Peeing Videos!

But my website is not just about me. I also have my PornAudition area where we audition other women who are interested in getting into Porn. These are all real people having sex on camera for the very first time ever. Some are amazingly hot, while others not so much! But that's what makes it all fun, and very real. I also have my ChickPee area where I, as well as a number of other women, enjoy watersports. One of my favourite Fetishes. There is also a number of other girls that have worked for me over the years who have some amazing videos and photo series. But everything is mine, I own it all, and you can't see any of it anywhere else. If it is on my site and under my name, I shot it!

On top of that, I also have the Wild Rose Network which features the members areas of websites from over 90 other women! All available to my members.

My members also learn how to meet me, to hang out with me, and how to fuck me, if they wish. Almost every Lover and BoyToy I have had over the past 15 years were guys I first met through my website, and then became good friends. In fact, almost all our friends are people we met because of this site!

So, in other words, if you join me you get a lot. Hundreds upon hundreds of hours of hard core, High definition video, and somewhere around a million pictures! Well after 20 years, I have done a lot :)

Maybe I'll do you too!

How can I meet you and fuck you?

Meeting me is actually very easy, and I do enjoy meeting new people, so don't be shy. On most Friday evenings you can find me at my local bar, The Atlantic Pub up in Alexandria, Ontario (Google Map it!). It's just a nice neighbourhood bar, so nothing sexual or kinky ever happens there. I keep things fully clean but it is a good place to meet up, have a drink, and get to know one another. We sometimes do head back to my place for more drinks, and maybe some fun. If you are planning to drop by one Friday, please e-mail me first so I can confirm with you.

As for fucking me, well that can be fairly easy too as I have one rule...if I like you, I will fuck you! It has nothing to do with your age, your cock size, or what you look like. If I like your company, I will fuck you (well, within reason of course). It may not happen right there and then as there are other factors involved, but meeting me, getting to know me, and getting me to like you is the perfect start! But you just never know, I may take you home with me that first night and fuck you silly! ;)

One problem now is that I live out in the country and no longer live in a big city with lots of things to do and with plenty of hotels. That does make it hard for out of town people to visit as the nearest hotel is a half hour drive away from me. I also don't really like it when people travel a long way to meet me with the hopes of sex. Most of the time I just won't have sex at that first meeting. I do at times, but don't try and use that as leverage to try and push me into just will not work!

If we do meet and hit it off, what can I do with you?

If we meet and like one another, and we both decide we want to play, then we can do just about anything you like! I don't pick and choose what I will or won't do with someone, what I do I will do with anyone! So that means if we get together, everything is good. You can fuck me, fuck my ass, CUM in my mouth or anywhere else on me, and even Pee on me if you are into that as I am. Basically, I am usually willing to do everything! If you have a fantasy, or there is something you would like to do or try, let me know! In most cases, I am really into helping out with all that :)

How can I get in one of your Fan FuXXX or Fellatio Friday videos?

That is actually quite easy, as long as you are close enough to get to me. I do most of my filming in my home, with my husband as cameraman. There is no one else ever there. We try and keep it fun and intimate. If you can show your face on video, then we can do just about anything you like, I have very few limitations. But if you can't show your face, then we are basically limited to Blow-Job shoots, mainly because it's just hard to shoot around someone's face when you are fucking!

But to shoot with me, you have to send me a minimum of three pictures, one of your face, one of your body, and one of your erect cock. I just want to make sure your not visually diseased (it has happened) and that you are a regular looking guy with a normal looking cock! I'd also want to hear about what you would like to do. I enjoy when a guy comes to me with a fantasy of his to shoot, that excites me. Where to actually send this information can be found in my member's area.

Can I CUM in you?

The quick answer would be no, mainly because I am not on any sort of birth control due to hormone replacement therapy. But if I get to know someone and trust them, I will fuck them bareback and have them finish in my mouth or in my ass. I do use contraceptive sponges at times, but as i can get sticky, I'm not that much of a fan in using them. But at times I will when a guy I like really wants to CUM in my pussy. I'll always take your load in my mouth and swallow every drop, and many times I'll get you to CUM in my ass as I love that feeling. But overall, it's a maybe for CUM in my pussy.

Do you really like CUM?

I actually get asked this a lot. Mainly because the people who ask don't have a partner that enjoys it as much as me, so find it hard to believe a woman really enjoys swallowing a big load that a guy squirted in her mouth. Those that know me personally, know that I almost always ask my sexual partner to CUM in my mouth when they are ready. It is something I have always been into, since I first started having sex! I was swallowing CUM on a daily basis about 6 months before I even lost my virginity, and that pleasure has always stayed with me. You'll see lots of Facials in my pictures and video, but I really only do it for that purpose. When I am playing without a camera, and unless the guy really wants to give me a Facial (many do), I will swallow and savour every drop of their CUM!

Do you enjoy Double-Penetration? How about DV or DA?

I absolutely LOVE a Double-Penetration! It is by far my favourite sexual act, nothing can beat it. The cock in your ass pushes the cock in your pussy hard against your G-Spot, and you end up with truly mind-blowing orgasms! I never CUM as much as when I am being DPed. We sometimes have DP Parties where I will get a handful of guys over, usually my website members, and while my husband is in my pussy, the guys take turns on my ass, fucking it and filling it with CUM. I barely notice what is even going on as I am in so much ecstasy! I'm always looking for good men with nice cocks to bareback my ass during a DP *hint* ;)

As for a DV (Double Vaginal) or DA (Double Anal), I have tried, a few times, but it's just so awkward and I am so petite, it just isn't easy to do. I had two cocks CUM in my pussy at the same time before where one guy was all the way in and the other guy managed to get the head of his cock in. That set both guys off and they both came together inside of me. I also had two guys in my ass, once. They both had long, thin cocks, and they both got all the way in, but I just found it too uncomfortable, so I no longer even try!

I noticed you recently started with Watersports, do you like that?

I have actually been enjoy Watersports and Pee Play for a very long time. I just never did it for my website as I thought it would just turn off a lot of people, which I never wanted to do. But I have found more and more people admitting they are into it or at least curious about it, so I figured I may as well share my real fun! You will see a lot more Pee Play in my Members Area ;)

I started with it all in my early 20's with my husband. We would shower together and get silly, and started peeing on each other in the shower. At first, it was just on our legs, and then things changed. One day I just felt like kneeling down and had him pee all over my face. That quickly progressed to peeing in my mouth, and we have been doing it ever since. Of course, I also pee in his mouth a few times a week.

I also love to pee on other people's faces and in their mouths to! One of my favourite things is have someone lick my pussy while I pee, and I have done that a lot with various girlfriends. Pee Play is a big part of my Lesbian Play with other women. On the even kinkier side, I also love the feeling of a hard cock peeing in my pussy while it is inside of me. That is an amazing feeling.

Can we chat on-line? On the phone?

Unfortunately, I no longer use any Instant Messenger programs, no MSN, no Yahoo, no ICQ, none. They just got too crazy, with 40 or 50 chat requests every time I logged in. I turned them off, and left them off, and life is easier now. I know other web girls say if you join their sites they will chat with you, but usually they are just lying to you. Honestly, I just don't have the time and I don't even chat with close friends! I really never have.

As for talking on the phone, That would also be a big NO. I only give my number to people I know really well as I do have a little fear of being stalked (it has happened). I'm also not the least bit interested in phone sex as I find that really boring. I prefer the real thing when it comes to sex :)

I also won't call you if you leave me your number. I am just not into chatting on the phone with anyone, even my close friends. Again, I just don't have the time for chatting.

If you have a question for me, please just e-mail me, I will be happy to answer.

How often do you do your Gang-Bangs and Bukkakes? Can I join?

I used to do Gang-Bangs and Bukkakes with my website members about once a month. Most were very private with no pictures or videos taken, and with never a charge. When I did them in hotels, I would actually cover the costs! But that was when I lived in Montreal, and had the people around and the places to do them. These days they are fewer and farther between. Mainly because I am now in the country and it's harder to round up people or find a place to even do them!

These days, usually one of my members will set something up and invite me to take part as the Gang-Bangee. In fact, over the past couple of years it has been others who have set them up, and not me. But I will never allow anyone to charge for them, other than to cover the costs of a hotel room and drinks. No one, not even me, will ever make money from having sex with me! But basically yes, you can take part in a Gang-Bang or a Bukkake, and even a Pee Bukkake, if you set it up! It's time for other people to do some work ;)

Do you ever come to {insert country/state/city here}?

I get this question about 10 times, each and every day. People write and say they would love to meet me, but they want me to come to them! They ask if I ever come to their town, no matter how remote it may be. I have one answer for just about everyone...

About every second year, I get to Las Vegas for a trade show. About once every 2 years, I get to New York City just to visit and shop. A couple of times a year, I get down to the Miami area for various reasons. And that is it for my travels to the US! Most of our travels take us to the Caribbean and sailing around various islands. Other than that, I guess the answer would be, no, I do not ever get to {insert country/state/city here}. :)

Can I get with you and your girlfriends?

That is really an impossible question to answer as I can't speak for any of my girlfriends. A number of guys who have come out to party with us on a Friday or Saturday evening have been lucky enough to have had a few of my girlfriends at once, but I just never know if and when that may happen. It's really up to them if they want to do you.

For shoots, I really don't have any women to shoot with anymore. All the ones you see with me on my website have since "retired" and don't play in front of the camera anymore. Most are still swingers, but just not for video or pictures.

The new crop of girls you see on-line from Montreal are more interested in trying to look sexy and lead you on than to actually play. They are really into all this for the money only, and not the fun, so it's almost impossible to get them to do a thing. I guess it's just a new generation that doesn't really care about the enjoyment of all this. So, I am sorry, but I can't set up any other women for shoots anymore. When I can, I will let everyone know.

Where else can I find you on-line?

You can actually find me on a number of different websites, I am easy to find. Here is a list:


If there is anything you want to ask me, anything at all that you are curious about, then please send me an e-mail and ask away. I enjoy corresponding and chatting (and of course fucking) with my Website Members. Remember, membership really does have its privileges and getting to know me and fucking me is a big one! ;)


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