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Pictures? I have pictures! 20 years of explicit, hard-core, yet fun pictures! I've got close to 200,000 of them on my site and if you add that to everything else in my Members Area, there is close to a million pictures! That sounds like a lot, even to me! The funny thing is I don't even focus on pictures as I prefer displaying the action of a good video. I will point out that my pictures are all action ones, with very very little of that "sexy" solo posing that you find everywhere. I find that stuff boring, but that's just me :)

As for video, and I mean real amateur sex video. Porn For The People Video! Well, that I have, and LOTS of it! I have a mixture of older Standard Definition video, but everything I have shot in the last five (5) years if in very high quality, High Definition. And I give you the best that I can. Along with all my personal video, I also have loads of other videos that I shot and produced for my PornAudition and ChickPee websites, plus the video from a number of other hot young local girls that I did. There are thousands of videos in my Members Area, and close to a thousand that feature me.

Below are samples of some of the different types and styles of video I have for you. Enjoy!
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Fan FuXXX Sample Video - Wher You See My Fuck My Fans!
Carol's Fan FuXXX Videos & Pictures
I have fucked many many website members over the years, about 800 of them, and much of that fun was shot on video to share with you. You will see everything here, from straight fucking, to hard anal, to Double-Penetration, to Group Sex. Of course I also love my girls so there is plenty of Lesbian Fun too. I only play and shoot with "real" people, just like you, and all my website members are more than welcome to come and play when they can. Will you be next?

Fellatio Friday Sample Video - Where I Suck and Swallow my Fans!
Carol's Fellatio Friday Videos & Pictures
As you may already know, I LOVE to suck cock. It really is something I am very good at, and is probably my favorite thing to do. Years ago, and just for fun, I started a thing where every Friday I would give one of my website members a nice Blow-Job and have them CUM all over my face. It quickly became really popular, and really fun to do. To this day, I still suck member cock when I can, and I will gladly suck yours to. The catch? I get to film it (no faces) and show it on my site! Would you like your cock Fellated? then I am your girl :)

Carol's Sex Parties & Events Sample Video
Carol's Sex Parties & Events Videos & Pictures
One thing I love is fun Sex Parties of almost any type. I love hosting Gang-Bangs and Bukkakes for my Members, as well as Swinger Parties for the Couples, and Orgies for all. Many are straight, but I also do Bisexual parties, and have many of my hot T-Girl friends in attendance. Many of very private with no cameras allowed, but many I shoot videos and pictures of, and share them with you. It's Real members sharing with other Real Members.

Carol's ChickPee Sample Video
Carol's Chick Pee Videos & Pictures
I will admit that I have had a long time Fetish with Pee, and have been enjoying watersports for a long long time. But I never shared that in the past as it did seem to turn many people off. I've found that more and more people are into, so I thought I would share. When I play with anyone, they are always allowed to Pee on me, or vice versa, as it is my "thing". I can't show too much in this free area, as that is limited by law, but my Members Area has it all :)

Carol's PornAudition Sample Video
Carol's PornAudition Videos & Pictures
Not only have I shot ME over the years, I have also shot close to a thousand other people as part of my PornAudition Studios. These are all Real people trying out to be Porn Stars, and we put them through their paces. You get to see HOT First-Timers doing things they never thought they would! Everything from cute very young girls, including some virgins! As well as some more mature MILFs who get off on fucking strangers. All Fun, All Real!

Girls Of Carol Cox Sample Video
The Girls of Carol Cox Videos & Pictures
I have had some very hot and sexy young women work for me, and play almost as hard as I do. Each of them have their own section of pictures and video in my Members Area, and most of them have also sucked and fucked many of my Fans and members. I tend to attract real people who are fun, thankfully.

I am always shooting new videos, of ever style, and I am always looking for people to join me in them. The fun part is you never have to show your face if you don't want to. My Website Members are always welcome to come play with me in front of the camera, and we can do as much, or as little as you like! Join Now to learn more.


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