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So, I see you have found your way to my little page of FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) for my Friends from the various community or social networking websites on the Internet. Please read all before you ask me any questions. You came here from one of the places below....where I have profiles:
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Okay, let's get started with the questions and answers!

First things first....My Bio! - (opens new page)
How can I meet you?
I want to come to Montreal to meet you, can I?
When is your next party? Can I come?
Do you ever come to {insert country/state/city here}?
Can I chat or webcam with you on Instant Messenger?
Can I call you?
Are you really as wild as you seem?
Can you send me pictures? videos?
You like younger guys, how young will you go?
Do you have sex with women?
Can I fuck you?
Can I fuck your ass?
What sexual things can I do with you and to you?
Do you swallow?
How often do you do Gang-Bangs, and what happens?
Can I get with you and your girlfriends?
Will you fuck my ass with a strap-on?
I want to do a video with you, can I?
Do you answer your messages and e-mail?

• How can I meet you? TOP

Meeting me is really very easy, and I do enjoy meeting new people, so don't be shy. Every Friday, we hang out at a local bar in the West Island area of Montreal. I meet up with a group of friends, some of who are "Swingers" (singles & couples), and we have a few drinks, chat and have some fun. It's just a public neighbourhood bar, so nothing remotely sexual goes on there, it's just a good place to meet up. Everyone is always invited to join us as we are a very open and friendly bunch.

From the bar, we end up doing different things. Sometimes we all go for dinner somewhere, other times we all end up back at my house for a few more drinks, or something more sexual. When people come from out of town and stay in a nearby hotel, I'll sometimes go back to their room for some fun (if I like them). We never really plan, and just play it by ear, but you just never know what may happen.

I won't meet with people I don't know at any other time, mainly because I have been stood up way too may times. I also will not meet anyone alone, and without my husband present, unless I know them really well. No exceptions. I actually do want to meet people for sex, and after chatting on-line and making a date, they don't even show up! That also happens on the Fridays too, with less than one in five people ever actually showing up! At least I haven't wasted my time. So, if you really are interested in having sex with me, you know where to find me :)

We usually sit in the back left side of the bar. Just come on up and introduce yourself. I'm there every Friday evening from about 6:30PM to at least 9:00PM, but usually later.

You can find me every Friday at:

Bourbon West Website
Bourbon Street West
1866 Boul. des Sources
Pointe-Claire, QC
(West Island area of Montreal)

Click Here for the MapQuest Map

Click Here for links to both Google Earth and Google Maps
for all locations and hotels in my area

• I want to come to Montreal to meet you, can I? TOP

While I am more than happy meeting with people that are in Montreal from out of town, I am just not at all comfortable with people coming here with the sole purpose of just to meet me. I really don't think I am worth the time and travel, to tell you the truth. My time is really limited, and I typically only meet up with people on Fridays, or at another time that we mutually set up. If you are going to be in Montreal for proper reasons, and would like to meet, then please let me know and we'll see what we can work out. I usually can't get away during the weekdays due to family and business responsibilities.

And please don't ask if you can come visit and stay with me! People ask that almost daily, and I don't know why they would even think that would be acceptable. We don't know each other, and I do have a husband and children at home. I don't live in a bordello!

So, to answer the original question, yes, we may be able to meet if I have the time. But don't come with the sole purpose of just to meet me, you'll probably end up greatly disappointed.

NOTE: If you are coming from out-of-town, and would like to know where the local hotels are (the ones that are quite close to where we live and hang-out), just follow this link. I also have airport, taxi and bus information on that page.

• When is your next party? Can I come? TOP

That really depends on what type of party it is, and whether you are a member of my website or Network. I have general get-togethers that everyone is invited to. Those are listed on my website, and you can see those by clicking on the "Meet Me" link at the top of this page. These are just meet-and-greets where we get together, have a few drinks and some fun. These are usually non-sexual events, but you never know what may happen. I also will post all my upcumming evets on My Blog, so check that regularly. We also do more sexual parties through my members area.

I also do Group Sex and Gang-Bang parties through my website at These are open to members-only, and I only promote them in my members area when they are planned. It's my way of giving back to those that support me :) If you do come to one of these parties, you can't just sit back and watch, you must take part.

So please don't ask when and where the next party is, just have a look for yourself on my site or on my Blog.

• Do you ever come to {insert country/state/city here}? TOP

I get this question about 10 times, each and every day. People write and say they would love to meet me, but they want me to come to them! They ask if I ever come to their town, no matter how remote it may be. I have one answer for just about everyone...

About every second year, I get to Las Vegas for a trade show. About once every 2 years, I get to New York City just to visit and shop. A couple of times a year, I get down to the Miami area for various reasons. And that is it for my travels to the US! Most of our travels take us to the Caribbean and sailing around various islands. Other than that, I guess the answer would be, no, I do not ever get to {insert country/state/city here}. :)

• Can I chat or webcam with you on Instant Messenger? TOP

Unfortunately, I no longer use any Instant Messenger programs, no MSN, no Yahoo, no ICQ, none. They just got too crazy, with 40 or 50 chat requests every time I logged in. I turned them off, and left them off, and life is easier now :)

• Can I call you? TOP

That would be a big NO. I only give my number to people I know really well as I do have a little fear of being stalked (it has happened). I'm also not the least bit interested in phone sex as I find that really boring. I prefer the real thing when it comes to sex :)

I also won't call you if you leave me your number. I am just not into chatting on the phone with anyone, even my close friends. I also just don't have the time for chatting either.

• Are you really as wild as you seem? TOP

Actually, I don't think I'm wild at all. I have never smoked, or done any sort of drug, and I am a very light social drinker. I really don't go out that much, and I'm actually a bit shy when I first meet new people (don't be surprised). I'm also a wife and mother, and that is where my priority lies. But, I am extremely sexual, and love sex in all forms. Unlike most people you meet on-line who live their fantasies only on-line, I live mine for real. That is probably the main reason I don't get tied up in "Hot Chat" or "Cyber Sex", I not only find it a bit boring but also frustrating. I don't believe in just talking about it, I believe in doing it! Why talk about what you would like to do with a person when you can easily just meet up and realize it??!!

Even sexually I'm not that wild as I am more of a sexual submissive and like to be used and told what to do. I like people that are assertive during sex, but not abusive, and who never ask but just take what they want. (BTW, don't call me slut, whore, bitch, or anything else that seems much too common these days, I don't like it! I also don't like things like baby, honey, sugar, etc. My name is Carol ) I am into most things when it comes to sex, from oral to anal to light watersports. I love Gang-Bangs and Group Sex, and I love doing sneaky and quickie blow-jobs in semi-public places. The type where we stay fully dressed and the guy pulls his cock out of his pants and I suck it until he CUMs in my mouth.

• Can you send me pictures? videos? TOP

I don't "trade" pictures, nor do I send them on request. If you haven't figured it out yet, I work on-line, and I have thousands of free pictures and videos available in a number of places. In fact, just go up to the top of this page and click "Home", and you'll get all sorts of stuff of me for free.

You are welcome to send me any pictures you like. My preference is CUM pictures and I also have a real fetish for Bi-Guys. I love when a guy is man enough to suck another guy's cock! ;)

• You like younger guys, how young will you go? TOP

I keep my Cougar/Prey play (older women & younger men) to where it is legal in all States and Provinces! That means I will only do guys (or girls) that are 18 years old. The age of consent in Canada is 16 (it used to be 14), but I'm just not comfortable going that young. I do love giving people very special presents on their 18th birthday though (I do check ID), so if you have a birthday coming up, let me know, and I give you my special "Birthday Blow-Job"!

• Do you have sex with women? TOP

Yes, I am completely Bisexual and have been since I was 19 years old. I love women, and to be honest with everyone, for one-on-one sex I have a slight preference to being with women. I love being with Bi-Virgins and being the first woman to go down on them and bring them to orgasm. That is always an amazing feeling.

• Can I fuck you? TOP

The answer to that is .... maybe! I know from reading my various Blogs and stories that it sometimes seems that I just fuck anyone who asks, but that isn't fully true. In most cases, I have to meet the guy first and see if we hit it off and if I like him. The good news is that I like most people, so I usually fuck or suck a new guy every week. I am much more into personality than just looks (really), although a good mixture of both is highly desirable! So, if we meet up, and like each other, yes we can fuck! And it can be the same day we meet (as long as I am in the mood and available) as I'm not one of those people that say we have to meet first and then set a "date". If I like you and I'm horny, we will definitely be fucking!

The only time I fuck people without meeting them first is for the Gang-Bangs my husband sets up, or at larger parties. For the Gang-Bangs, he invites the guys and doesn't tell me who will be there. I meet them for the first time when I walk in! If you are interested in taking part in one of those, contact my husband at and let him know. He will want pictures and for you to tell him what you want to do. He does like it when the guys get nasty in their descriptions.

To my friends, I am a "Friend with Benefits" or a "Fuck Buddy". I am always willing to suck and fuck friends when they need it. But they are also there for me when I'm feeling a bit horny and need some fun. New people tend to be a bit surprised about how open we all are about this, and about how open and free the sex is.

I also want to point out that until I really know someone, I will only have sex with them with my husband present. I will not meet up or go off with anyone alone unless I know them really, really well. This doesn't mean he has to be in the same room, but just nearby.

• Can I fuck you ass? TOP

If we are at the point where we are going to fuck, you are more than allowed to fuck my ass! But, you do have to get it ready first. I don't really like lube, so you have to use your tongue to get me wet and use a finger or to to get me ready. And if you bring a friend along, we can also enjoy a nice double-penetration (my favourite sexual thing)

• What sexual things can I do to you and with you? TOP

If we do get together, we can do just about anything you like. I will suck you cock and you can CUM in my mouth and have me swallow, or CUM on my face, or anywhere else. You can fuck my pussy, and also fuck my ass if you want. If you bring a friend along, we can all enjoy a double-penetration. Have even more friends? We can have a Gang-Bang or a Bukkake! You can use toys or other items on me, you can tie me up, you can blindfold me. You can pee on me, or have me pee on you. If you like, I can play with your ass or fuck you with a strap-on. Looking for a guy to suck your cock, or to fuck in the ass? I can set that up too. Basically, if you have a fantasy or fetish, I can probably fulfil it for you.

In other words, I can and will do just about anything you want to do or try :)

• Do you swallow? TOP

I love the feeling of a guy cumming in my mouth, and since it's in there anyway, I may as well swallow ;) The only times I "spit" are for pictures and video (when you need to see it), or when I am snowballing the CUM with the guy who gave it to me. The first time a guy ever came in my mouth, when I was still a virgin, I swallowed, and I have been doing it ever ever since. But if a guy wants to give me a facial, he can. I will do whatever the guy wants me to do.

If you do want to CUM in my mouth, you don't have to ask, just let go. I can tell when a guy is about to CUM, so I will be ready for it.

• How often do you do Gang-Bangs, and what happens? TOP

I do Gang-Bangs about once a month. I usually have from 4 to 8 guys there, and we handle it in different ways. Some Gang-Bangs are set up by my husband where he gets a bunch of strangers that I have never met together to do what they want to me. I will have dressed the way they want me to, and from the second we meet, I have to do whatever they tell me to do. They can do anything to me and with me, and I cannot say no. They aren't allowed to ask for any permission, but to just do it. It really is "Anything Goes". If you are interested in taking part in one of those, contact my husband at and let him know.

I also have simple Gang-Bangs with friends. These are usually spur of the moment things and are rarely planned. Just me and a bunch of male friends getting together for fun.

I also set up my own Gang-Bangs with people I meet on-line. Everyone is invited to apply for a Gang-Bang, and even the ones I set up are anything-goes. You can do anything you want with me. The only "rule" for my Gang-Bangs are that condoms must be worn for penetration, but you can CUM where you like. Give me a facial, or make me swallow, it's all up to you, and as many times as you can! You can fuck my pussy, fuck my ass, or give me a double or triple penetration. You can just pass me around and do me one at a time, or do me in a big group, whatever you want. You can blindfold me, tie me up, spank me, use things on me, even pee on me (just not in the face or hair as it ruins my makeup!). During a Gang-Bang I am yours to be used as you wish. There is never any sort of charge for this, and we even supply the beer and snacks!

• Can I get with you and your girlfriends? TOP

That is a tough one as they would have to meet you and see if they like you enough to get involved. It's only happened a handful of times, really not that often. I guess you would be stuck with just me ;)

• Will you fuck my ass with a strap-on? TOP

Sure, that's always fun, and easy to do! Over half the guys who ask this also ask if I could get another guy involved to suck their cocks, or so they can suck the other guy's cock. That is also really easy to set up. As I mentioned earlier, I love Bi-Guys (or curious guys) and I love sharing a cock with another guy. You haven't felt pleasure until I have fucked you in the ass with a strap-on while another guy sucks your cock! :)

• I want to do a video with you, can I? TOP

Yes, most definitely! I'm always looking for new people to play with on video, for all sorts of different things. And with some of the stuff, you don't even have to show your face!

I'm looking at doing different things. One is my "Fellatio Fridays" where I will suck a different guy's cock every week for the Fellatio Friday Feature. You don't need to show your face at all for this one, and you get to CUM on my face and in my open mouth. I am also planning a Food and CUM eating series where I will need a few regular guys to come over, let me give them head, and then have them CUM on various foods that I will then eat! Tasty! Again, you don't need to show your face for this one, but you do have to have a good sized, cut cock and have a big load of CUM. My big thing right now is my Cougar series which is me doing younger guys. I'm looking for hot guys between 18 and 30 to come out and have fun with me in all sorts of different ways.

The other thing I want to do is an ass-to-mouth series, where you fuck my ass and then let me suck your cock right out of my ass! For this, there will be no condoms so everyone will have to be fully STI tested beforehand. I have been doing this for years, and get a lot of requests for it.

You can learn more and "sign-up" for any of this by following this link.

• Do you answer your messages and e-mail? TOP

I answer all legitimate questions and comments, but I do disregard any messages or e-mails that ask questions that are already answered on my profile or on this page. I just feel if you are truly interested in getting to know me, you will take the time to read what I have written. To disregard it is to show disrespect, so I therefore don't bother answering.

I also don't respond to things like "How are you?", "s'up?", "Let's Fuck", and other silly one liners. If you won't take the time to properly write a full sentence, I won't bother answering. I receive a couple of hundred messages a day across the various websites, so it's hard to properly answer everything. I just concentrate on the proper questions and comments. You'll also notice that I am sometimes wordy, and other times just reply with a quick answer. That all depends on how many messages I have waiting and how busy I am. When I do have the time, I will write you a book ;)

So yes, I do answer all my long as they are proper messages to begin with.

Other Questions ?  •   Any other comments or questions for me, this is the form ;-)
Your Name:
Your E-Mail:

I'll add more FAQ's as questions get asked. In the meantime, have a look around my website as I have all sorts of free pictures and video for your pleasure. And do remember, my website members do get priority access to my pussy! ;)

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